***** COVID Procedures Update *****

Following the changes to the government guidelines from Monday 14th September we would like to remind everyone about the procedures we have in place as well as the a few new procedures in place to adhere to the guidelines set out by the government.
**Please note these guidelines are to keep our valued customers and staff safe during these unprecedented times.**

Please if you are showing any symptoms at all of the virus STAY HOME & KEEP EVERYONE SAFE

? Please sanitise your hands on entering & exiting the premises. Wash your hands following using the toilet facilities and sanitise frequently at the various sanitiser stations around the club.

? It is MANDATORY for ALL members and guests to provide details for our COVID register log, again this is mandatory to assist NHS test, track and trace, You will be asked to provide this on entry to the venue by members of staff, if you FAIL to provide your details, you will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY !

?‍?‍?‍? NO MORE THAN 6 to your social bubble / group. This is inside and outside the club, their is No Exceptions to this rule!

?‍♂️ Only 1 member of your group / family / social bubble alowed to queue for drink at the bar, this is to reduce waiting times and allow customers to maintain social distance!

?There is NO standing at the bar or in the bar areas, it is strictly seating only…. Which massively reduces our capacity indoors !
This will be available on a first come first served basis.

? We are asking everyone to pay by contactless or card where possible to avoid the transfer of cash between the guest & staff so please bear this in mind !

☀️? Outdoors (in addition to above): ☀️?

?We have a limited number of outdoor seating so if possible please bring any pop up picnic seating / tables or blankets you have at home and find a socially distanced space on the field as it’s the biggest beer garden you can find around !!!!

‼️‼️ REMEMBER ‼️‼️

⛔️ If social distancing and government guidelines are not observed, or fail to follow our procedures you will be asked to leave !

❌ Please DO NOT move ANY tables these have been placed with social distancing in mind.

✅ Please leave empty glasses on the table, we will clear and sanitise tables.

?‍?‍?‍? Children are welcome as always, but need to remain at your table under supervision at all times.

✅ Please follow social distancing at all times!

? We look forward to welcoming you as always with a smile & are working really hard behind the scenes to ensure we get this right!

? Please be patient with us & please remember that not a single member of bar staff is suddenly an expert in disease control, politics or even the policies of their own Pub Co.

? When staff ask you not to let your children run round, please don’t go off on one and threaten to boycott the pub.

❌ No, we can’t just move some tables together. No, we can’t turn a blind eye (you know, just this once). And no, a bad Trip Advisor review won’t help.

? Things will get back to normal, just not straight away. Please be patient with us and show some common sense.

And REMEMBER if you are showing any symptoms at all of the virus STAY HOME & KEEP EVERYONE SAFE !!!

Thank you ?

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