Public Notice / Reminder – New Earswick Sports & Social Club.

As recreational sports returns on Monday 29th March the ground staff are working tirelessly to get the pitches, training areas and grounds ready. 

We have noticed the increase of exercising of dogs on the ground, whilst we welcome it there is a minority that spoil it for everyone by not removing their dog waste, leaving their full dog waste bags around the grounds or walking / exercising their dogs on the pitches even when they are fenced off. 

We therefore would like to politely ask and remind everyone that if you do use New Earswick Sports & Social Club facilities to exercise your dog that you keep your dog on a lead at all times, stick to the boundaries of the grounds, pick up after your dog and put it in the waste bin at the car park entrance and keep off all pitches and training areas. 

The grounds staff constantly work hard all year round to keep the pitches, training areas and surrounding areas safe and by being inconsiderate you are making it unsafe for the children and adults that use these facilities as dog faeces is extremely harmful to humans as it can cause toxocariasis which people can have severe health problems, including blindness. 

Unfortunately if the current situation continues we will have to close the facilities for exercising dogs on health grounds. For those unaware there is a lot more suitable dog walking area 200m away off Alder Way.

Thank You for your cooperation 

New Earswick Sports & Social Club Management.